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Lumbini Tour ( Lumbini Buddhist Circuit Tour )

Lumbini Tour is religious place visiting tour. Among the many religions of the world, Buddhism stands higher in majority and in popularity. As a progenitor of Buddhism, more than 2500 years ago, a child named Siddhartha Gautama was born in the palace of Shakya Kingdom to the east of Kapilvastu where present Lumbini is situated this tour is for this Lumbini tour or Lumbini Buddhist Circuit Trek. The child as being the prince by birth was the certain would be King of the kingdom. However, the journey didn’t continue that way. The monarch rather converted into a monk. The monk realized the nirvana (enlightenment) in his mid-thirties. The enlightened being was known as the Buddha, the trail-blazer of Buddhism in the world. The birth place of Lord Buddha, Lumbini, has been the sanctified place like Macca for the Muslims. For Hindu pilgrims, Buddha is an incarnation of Lord Bishnu. Relying on that belief, he is worshipped mutually by Hindu and Buddhist even though the Buddhism and Hinduism have distinct philosophy and rituals.

The holy land of Buddhism and the birth of place of Buddha called Lumbini is located at about 22 kilometer to the west of Bhairahawa. Lumbini lies around central southern lowland of Nepal named Rupandehi distrct. In this Lumbini Tour we will will complete the 4.8 kilometer covered by Lumbini.

As the World Heritage Site welcomed by UNESCO in 1997 AD, Lumbini has covered the area of 4.8 kilometer of length and 1.6 kilometers width. The ancient architect and shrine called Maya Devi Temple is located at the centre of the big ground. Maya Devi Temple is believed to be the place where his mother Queen Maya Devi had given birth to Siddhartha Gautama. Besides the temple there is located nearby the pond where Buddha’s mother would bath and he also had performed his first bath in this holy pond. The shadow of a magnanimous Boddhi tree also called Pipal in Nepali falls on the pond. The sacred tree under which many pilgrims and monks on maroon robe and garland on their hand look murmuring their mouth in reverence of the almighty.

Lumbini TourThe Ashoka pillar located to the very west of the Maya Devi Temple is said to be the evidence of the visit of Maurya Samrat Ashoka in this hallowed land. Lumbini tour consists of visiting multi-dozens monasteries and stupa in its precinct that you shouldn’t be surprised if you don’t complete your visit in a day. The Lumbini tour has been separated in two section. The west section is for the Mahayan and Vajrayan tradition of Buddhism whereas the east zone of lumbini tour has been occupied by the construction and monasteries of the Theravadin tradition.

The monasteries and stupa constructed by different Buddhist countries and sects are erected all around the site will be visited during this Lumbini Tour. Moreover, the number of monuments and monasteries are still in under construction.

Some Important Things to see in Lumbini Tour

Maya Devi Temple

Interesting part of Lumbini Tour, The white colored shrine is located to the west of the main gate where you buy ticket. Keeping your shoes outside before entering into the garden of the Maya Devi Temple, you would get enthralled by the quietude and cleanliness. The present day Maya Devi Temple is believed to be the place where Buddha was born. To make the belief stronger, a sandstone carving the birth of the Buddha has been protected there. The sandstone is believed to be brought here by Ripu Malla, the Malla king of Kathmandu valley, in 14th century, the epoch Maya Devi used to be worshipped as the incarnation of the Hindu Goddess. Within in a showcase of glass, a stone has been preserved beneath the sandstone which is regarded as the stone of the era of Buddha and the location where Buddha was born.

The excavation conducted in the temple shows the sign of timber structure laid beneath the walls of the newer brick structure. Above all, the essence and existence of Maya Devi Temple is as important as the significance and veneration of the Buddha and the Buddhism has.

Ashoka Pillar

Maurya Samrat Ashoka is dated to have visited this blessed land in 249 BC. In honour and remembrance of his visit King Ashoka constructed a pillar. For centuries, the place remained unknown and undiscovered. In 1896, archaeologist Khadga Samsher Rana and his colleague Alois Anton Fuhrer discovered the pillar which became strong evident that Lumbini was the birth place of Lord Buddha. Besides Maya Devi Temple, a 6 meter tall sandstone pillar stands still adoring the charm and magnificence of the site of this Lumbini Tour.

The World Peace Pagoda

Another interesting Things to see in Lumbini Tour. As a peace lover, if anything would allure you the most by its magnificent architect and the serene vibration that would be the World Peace Pagoda. In spite of being away from the main compound of the site, it attracts many pilgrims and peoples to enjoy its tranquil wave and energy. From a considerable distance you would see a gleaming and illuminating white monument. The few minutes of walking distance from the shrine, you would see golden statue glittering on the middle section of the Pagoda. That is the sculpture of Buddha depicting the time of his birth according to the Japanese Buddhists who donated for the construction of this mesmerizing site.


Day 01: Arrival at Kathmandu

Day 02: Kathmandu sightseeing

Day 03: fly/drive to lumbini

Flight from Kathmandu to Bhairahawa takes 35 mints and from there it is 30 mints drive to Lumbini. One can also drive to Lumbini (321 km / 8 hrs) from Kathmandu. Overnight in Hotel

Day04: Lumbini Tour

The UNESCO World heritage site of Lumbini is developed under master plan in the area of 6 Km x 2 km. We will start our tour from the ‘New Tourist village and visit the World peace pagoda and museum. This is also the pilgrimage concept of master plan to introduce Buddhism and purify mind through monastic zone. Monasteries of Mahayani and Teravadi Buddhism are spread across the cannon. Finally visit the Mayadevi temple protecting the ‘Marker Stone’, Statue of nativity scene and ruins of old temple walls dating from 3rd BC to 12 AD. Asoka pillar still displays the inscriptions explaining his visit to the birth place of Buddha.

Day 05: Religious and archaeological sites of Kapilavastu
Drive and visit religious and archaeological sites of Tilaurakot, Gotihawa, Kudan, Niglihara and Sagarhawa. Tilaurakot is the ancient Kapilavastu – the capital of Shakyas, where Buddha spent his first 29 years. Kudan was where Buddha was received by his father after his access to enlightenment. King Suddhodana specially built the Kudan (Nigrodharma Park) for the accommodation of the Buddha and his followers. Gotihawa is the birth place of Krakuchanda Buddha. Niglihawa is where Kanakmuni Buddha was born. Sagarhawa is the archaeological findings as “place of the massacre of the Shakyas”. Overnight in Lumbini

Day 06: Devdaha – Ramgram
Drive and visit religious and archaeological sites at Devdaha and Ramagram. Devdaha is the ancient capital of the Koliya kingdom. It is the maternal hometown of Queen Mayadevi (mother), Prajapati Gautami (stepmother), Princess Yasodhara (consort) and where Prince Siddhartha had spent his childhood. Ramgrama is the brick mound on the bank of the Jharahi River. It is seven meter high brick stupa consisting of relic (one of the eight astha dhatu) of Lord Buddha. The Stupa was built by the king of Ramgrama, who was the eighth king to obtain the Buddha’s relics.

Day 07 back to Kathmandu

Things included in the package

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Tour start dates

First Group: 1st of every Month.

Second Group: 15th of every month.