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11 Days Mardi Himal Yoga Trek

Mardi Himal Yoga Trek helps to explore the charisma of the Himalayas as well as the practice of yoga in the proximity of pristine panoramic place of Nepal. Mardi Himal Yoga Trek recognizes as stunning trek-route to follow along with the yoga and meditation. The trekking through the route of Mardi Himal Yoga Trek is not mere a process of trekking. It is rather a sheer joy to experience the trekking in combination of yoga practice in the abode of Lord Shiva. Himalaya is a sadhana sector of yogis since the time immemorial. Himalayas have carried strong and divine vibration of spirituality which can be felt while trekking in this holy and secluded place of the earth. Because of its serene and aloof atmosphere away from the rumbling, chaos and noise of heavy and crowded human settlement, the trekking route of Mardi Himal Yoga Trek gives its tranquil and meditative impression to the trekkers. The practice of yoga in the holy land of Shiva, the Adiyogi (the first yogi), would be more meaningful and magnificent practice than anywhere else in the world. It’s because the place has been highly charged by the sadhana energy and powerful vibration of enlightened masters. Mere a trekking in this part of Himalayas region has immense effect on healing the heart and calming the mind. When yoga is intermingled in the trek, it would be the amazing moment to feel and lavish.

Mardi Himal Yoga Trek is situated to the east of one of the most visited trekking routes of Nepal Annapurna Base Camp Trek. Mardi Himal Yoga Trek is one of the least visited and newly followed trail in Nepal. Mardi Himal Yoga Trek has its amazing charm because of its less-crowded trail route of Nepal especially for yoga practitioners would love to trek in this region. The Mardi Himal Yoga Trek, because of being more serene trekking route, the yoga and meditation would be practiced along with the view of mesmerizing and magnificent mountains such as Mardi Himal, Machhapuchchhre, Annapurnas, Gangapurna, Hiunchali and many other breath-taking snow-capped mountains and natural beauty of Himalayan country Nepal.

Yoga – a journey of joy

Yoga is an individual journey within oneself in combination of body, mind and soul. Likewise, the trekking is also a journey which takes place in external world. In both cases, body, mind and soul can’t be discarded. The body, mind and soul are the aspects which are always inalienable to the self either one strives to follow either an internal journey or external journey. Both are journey to be made. Mardi Himal Yoga Trek has attempted to unite both aspects in one place to enhance the precious journey of a trekkers through yoga and trekking in its harmony. The idea of adopting yoga with trekking is a genuinely honest hope to bring the joy, happiness and contentment in large amount and measure to the trekkers who come to participate in this wonderful program. Yoga has an inclusive nature which can be incorporated almost with everything so is with trekking. The value and volume of trekking can get its greater height and different perspective than it has originally understood when it is combined with yoga. With that sheer sense of satisfaction that The Tour Trek and Travel Nepal obliges to offer to the trekkers, yoga has been included in the recipe of trekking. As trekking can be a life-exploring journey for the trekkers so is yoga which also dramatically supports one to find the inner joy and fulfillment.

The practice of yoga in the surrounding of green forest and high hills lying the mat in the open ground without bothering  of wall to halt the mesmerizing views of snow-capped mountains bestowed to the Himalayan country Nepal would be a dream come true experience. The openness of the place for yoga practice also becomes the way to feel openness in the heart of the trekkers. Viewing the outstanding views of the nature in its different forms like glittering mountains, dense forests, stunning valleys, flying of birds and their chirping sound etc. all would not be distraction for the spiritual practice of yoga. Instead all these assets of the nature would magnify the momentum of yoga practice. The jovial heart, balanced mind and blissful soul would find their real nature in practice of yoga in such an incredible wonderland in the planet earth. This small but unbelievable part of the world called Nepal becomes indomitable and indispensable when the talk of yoga is brought in discussion. Because of being the origin place of yoga, Nepal has also been blessed with the beauties of Himalayas and natural resources. The word trekking has been highly interconnected to Nepal. However, the word yoga seems to forgotten to mention in the top featuring list which recognizes Nepal.  As a matter of fact, the practice or the journey of yoga was commenced in this spiritual land thousand years before the practice or trend of trekking was incepted. In such an astounding way, both yoga and trekking has been the root recognizing factors of Nepal leading and immersing into the journey of joy to each and every trekkers who trails this beautiful land of Himalayas.

Day 01 of Mardi Himal Yoga Trek

Arrival to Kathmandu

Welcome to Nepal! You will be greeted and received by the representatives of The Tour Trek and Travel Nepal at the receiving point of Tribhuvan International Airport. You will be brought to a hotel where you will be staying for this day. Short briefing and any necessary arrangement regarding documentations for the upcoming trekking will be made before heading to Pokhara next morning.

Day 02 of Mardi Himal Yoga Trek

Kathmandu to Pokhara 6/7 hours of trekking

Travelling through the high hills of Nepal, the journey to Pokhara will be started early in the morning at about 7 am. The journey continues leaving the city of temple called Kathmandu to reach the city of Lakes called Pokhara. The road moves along the edge of Trishuli River until it reached to Mugling. The bridge is crossed to continue journey through the lap of high hills. Small towns, villages can be seen on the way. Some of the houses perched precariously in the slope hill would make you astonish! Within 7 hours of journey, you will arrive to Pokhara. Overnight stay will be at a hotel.

Meditation in the evening.

Day 03 of Mardi Himal Yoga Trek

Pokhara to Kande – Deurali     1.5 hours of drive and 3 hours of trekking

Early in the morning the day is started with the morning yoga class which will be conducted in the jade and scenic view of Phewa Lake. After yoga class, you will return back to hotel for breakfast and preparation of luggage. Getting on the bus for Kande, within one and half hour of travelling you will reach to Kande. The trekking in genuine sense is started from here for Deurali. About three hours of walk through the thick forest will get you to the destination for the day. Overnight at Deurali.

Meditation in evening.

Day 04 of Mardi Himal Yoga Trek

Deurlai to Low camp 6 hours of Trekking

After early yoga session in the beautiful setting with the appearance of snow-clad mountains to the north and covering of green jungle, the trek gets going after breakfast. The good weather would allow you to see the glorious glow of Annapurna South and Hiuchuli mountains.  The trail follows through the thick jungle and rocky trails to break in the jungle for lunch after three hours of trekking. The trek will be further continued for three more hours to reach Low Camp. Overnight at Low Camp.

Meditation in evening

Day 05 of Mardi Himal Yoga Trek

Low Camp to High Camp 3 hours of trekking

This day also will be started with yoga practice in the early morning in the freshening environment of the nature which will allow you to see the monumental majesty of Machhapuchchhre and Lamjung Himal. Having breakfast, the trek is taken through the uphill trial through the forest with the availability of thin air in the atmosphere. The trek will be kept for about 3 hours today to reach at High Camp. Overnight at High Camp.

Meditation in evening

Day 06 of Mardi Himal Yoga Trek

High Camp – Meditation day

Getting up early in the morning, the day is started with the yoga session. The day is complete day of meditation and exploring yourself. The practice of meditation with chanting would deepen you in the world of self and serenity. It’s kind of rest day with meditation in its schedule. Therefore, the day will be made meaningful with the practice of meditation.

Besides, the exploration of the nature and the views of snowy mountains is unalienable part. The whole day will be enjoyed being very close to the horizon of Himalayas. Overnight at High Camp.

Day 07 of Mardi Himal Yoga Trek

High camp to Mardi Himal Base Camp 3 hours of trekking

The highest point of the trek will be trekked today. Mardi Himal Base Camp is situated at an altitude of 4500 meters. From the highest point of the trek, you will be able to view numerous mountainous views. Mardi Himal Base Camp will offer you an amazing view of gigantic mountains of Nepal. Short stay at the viewpoint, the trail will be followed back to have lunch at High Camp. The trekking will be further continued to reach Low camp this day. Overnight at Low Camp.

Meditation in evening

Day 08 of Mardi Himal Yoga Trek

Low Camp to Siding 3 hours of trekking

The trekking will be headed towards Siding today. After having breakfast and rest, the trek will be started in between 11 am to 12 noon in the morning. Trailing downhill for about three hours, the destination for this day Siding village will be arrived. The village will greet you with warm welcome. Overnight at Siding.

Meditation in evening

Day 09 of Mardi Himal Yoga Trek

Siding to Pokhara – 3 hours of trekking and 2 hours of drive

Practicing yoga in the morning, the trek trails downhill toward Lumre. About three hours of walk, Lumre village will be waiting for your arrival. At Lumre, you will get on the bus for two hours to reach Pokhara. Overnight at a hotel.

Meditation in evening

Day 10 of Mardi Himal Yoga Trek

Pokhara to Kathmandu

The day returns you back to Kathmandu through the same road you’d followed while travelling to Pokhara. You saw view of one side while going to Pokhara and you will see different side view while leaving Pokhara along the way to Kathmandu.

Day 10 of Mardi Himal Yoga Trek

Departure from Kathmandu to your Home country.

Things included in the package

  • We provide you the bed and breakfast. Accommodation will be shared by two people. However, you can book for the single room with extra charge.
  • We will also bear the cost of domestic flight that will be travelled for the trip.
  • Yoga classes as per Itinerary.
  • The overland transport will be held on tourist coach as per the itinerary and size of the group.
  • The applicable fee for the Trekking, National Park and Conservation center will be covered.
  • We offer you a welcome group dinner in an authentic Nepali restaurant with cultural show.
  • The wages, meals, insurance and transport allowance of all trekking staff and porters will be arranged.
  • We also can arrange the planning for the place of interest in the city accompanied by the city guide.
  • We also have included the comprehensive medical kit and service of guide and porters.
  • We also help you to reconfirm your international flight.

Things Excluded in the package

  • Pick-up/Drop from/to airport.
  • The visa fee you would have to pay for travel, medical insurance and airport tax.
  • The meals of your personal interest will not be offered in our expense.
  • We would also not provide the personal sleeping bags and bags.
  • The charge applied in case of emergency evacuation by any means of transport would not be included.
  • The charge for accommodation in Kathamndu in you early arrival before the trip will not be included and also the late departure. Moreover, the early departure from trek will also not included in our expense.
  • We also don’t include the cost of international flights.
  • The trip doesn’t offer the travel and rescue insurance.
  • We also don’t include the phone calls, laundry, bar bills, battery recharge, extra poter etc.
  • We also don’t offer tips for guides and porters.

Destination: Mardi Himal Yoga Trek

Trip cost: 1600 USD per person

Min-pax: 1-15

Accommodation: 2 or 3 star level

Duration: 11 days

Max altitude: 4500m

Trek start dates

1st Group: 1st of every Month

2nd group: 15th of every month


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